Bowling Party
1/7/2000 - 1/8/2000: The pictures below are from our annual bowling party. The highlight of the night was Chuck winning a free game. It wasn't so much the fact that he won rather how he ran around afterwards.

Eagle Award Banquet
We celebrated the accomplishments of four Eagle Scouts, Sam, Jimmy, Adam, and Jason. Each earned the rank of Eagle in 1999.

Valley Forge
This trip was interesting to say the least. First it took us 4 hours to drive to Valley Forge after getting lost several times. Second, we knew we were in trouble when the rangers said that nobody has hiked the Boy Scout trail in the summer before. We learned exactly way nobody had.

Haunted Hayride
10/11/2000 - 10/14/2000: Troop 172 participated in their second haunted hayride. This year we decided to go all out and try to copy Hollywood. We constructed a 48 foot long ramp that supported a five foot ball made of inner tubes. For our efforts, we won first place in the skit competition.