White Water Rafting
2002: Everyone wanted to go on a white water rafting trip. Unfortunately the best time of the year for water is also very cold. 

Lincoln Caverns
2002: We took a trip to Lincoln Caverns. We brought our sister troop, Troop 93 along. 

Summer Camp
7/21/2002 - 7/27/2002: Back at summer camp once again at Camp Brule'. As always, Friday was the best night of all. 

Haunted Hayride
10/2/2002 - 10/5/2002: This year for the Haunted Hayride we performed a little skit from the Twilight Zone. We built a small house in the woods and a huge tunnel for the wagons to pass through. Everything went as planned until the wind picked up Friday night, destroying our tunnel. It took weeks to construct and only minutes to come down.  

Winter Campout
2002: This year we had a winter campout at Sam's cabin. It was not only I time for learning skills, but also time to have fun.