Winter Campout
2/20/2004 - 2/22/2004: Stacy invited the troop for a winter campout at his parent's house. But first we had to dig out a few of his trucks from the snow. For some of the scouts, this was their first real campout where survival planning was critical. Needless to say, there were plenty of lessons learned on this trip. 

Matt's Trail Cleanup
4/3/2004: We had a day hike on Matt's trail to find, mark and clear the trail from the top of the mountain. The trail begins off of Ryder Park, but the actual origins were unknown. We used compasses and maps to try to find the entrance. After several hours of searching, we eventually found the trail. However, we never found the beginning. This trip served as a good lesson to the younger scouts. No matter how confident you are on your location in the woods, you can easily be deceived. 

Finishing Matt's Trail
4/30/2004 - 5/2/2004: We returned to Matt's Trail at the end of the month for a weekend campout and to find the end of the trail at Ryder Park. This time we were joined by Troop 93. We hiked in from the lower end and camped overnight. Saturday we made our way along the rest of the trail marking it as we went. We soon discovered that on the previous trip we were feet away from the end of the trail at Ryder Park. Backtracking, we easily saw the markers that we missed on previous attempts. 

Loyalsock Trail Weekend Hike
5/21/2004 - 5/23/2004: We took a long weekend hike on the Loyalsock Trail. We hiked from High Knob to Worlds End State Park, a distance of roughly 12 miles. While the rain and muddy trails slowed our progress, we pushed through the blood, sweat, and tears to reach Worlds End by Sunday. We even had some time to relax and cool off. 

Knoebels Campout
6/11/2004 - 6/13/2004: After several difficult hikes, we decided to give the guys a break. We went to Knoebels Grove for a fun weekend in the park. 

Fall Festival
9/10/2004 - 9/12/2004: It was time once again for the Montoursville Fall Festival. As the troop's only annual fund raising event, all scouts parents participate to raise money for troop operational costs. This year held great weather and a great turnout of the community. 

Haunted Hayride
It is summertime and that means that it is time to prepare for the Haunted Hayride. This year our theme was the Lord of the Rings. We began by building a 20 foot tower to hold a 4 foot flaming eye. Preparations at the hayride area began with the construction of a 40 foot long wooden wall. Unfortunately, shortly after erecting the wall and part of the tower the hayride route was devastated with a major flood. All of our efforts were lost only two weeks before the event. The destruction forced us to cancel our skit. 

Eagle Award Banquet
9/22/2004: Travis earned the rank of Eagle while in Troop 93. It was his wish to hold his Eagle Ceremony while he was still a member of 93. We conducted the ceremony to honor Travis and welcomed him to Troop 172. 

Troop 21/172 Campout 
11/5/2004 - 11/7/2004: This weekend marks the first of hopefully many joint campouts with Troop 21 of Montoursville. Troop 21 invited us out to the Wolf Run site for some skill building and an overall fun time. 

Ribbon Wrapping
11/27/2004: The Troop helped out the Downtown Merchants Association in Williamsport by wrapping ribbons around parking meters for the holidays.