Winter Campout
2/4/2005 - 2/6/2005: Due to health problems in Chuck's family, we missed the Winter Camporee. We made up for it by camping at Sam's cabin.

Summer Camp
7/24/2005 - 7/30/2005: Summer camp this year started out hot and muggy and ended with cool and comfortable weather. In between the week was pretty interesting. A storm canceled the water carnival after the swimming heats and also sent Troop 21's dining fly blew into the power lines. The boys washed Joe's dogs and we finally got around to removing all those pallet nails we have put into the fire ring after all these years.

Fall Festival
9/9/2005 - 9/11/2005: The Fall Festival this year was a huge success. The weather was great and so was the turnout.

Fall Camporee
10/1/2005: We didn't have two deep leadership for the entire weekend of the Fall Camporee so we only stayed during the day Saturday. The boys wanted to setup camp in the parking lot. We ended up using the trailer as the tent.