Spring Camporee
4/3/2009 - 4/5/2009: After heavy winds threatened our gear at the Spring Camporee we left Sportsmen's and headed back to the schoolhouse for the night. 

Cub Scout Hike
4/19/2009: Cub Scout Pack 172 invited us to a hike at Rider Park. 

Bottle Rockets
5/6/2009 - 5/13/2009: We had a surprise rocket building competition where teams had one hour to construct a soda bottle rocket and various other materials. 

Cub Scout Moving Up
5/31/2009: Cub Scouts crossed over into the troop.

Summer Camp
7/26/2009 - 8/1/2009: Summer camp at Camp Brule. The boys this year decided to make a gateway. But this was no ordinary gateway. 

Kevin Patt's Eagle Project
8/16/2009 & 8/22/2009: The Troop gathered to help Kevin complete his Eagle Scout project which was to rebuild a dock on a fishing pond.

Fishing Derby
8/29/2009: One week after completing Kevin's Eagle project, the Troop had a fishing derby on the pond.

Montoursville Fall Festival
9/11/2009 - 9/12/2009: It was another rainy Fall Festival this year. However, it was better than the previous year.

5 Mile Hike
10/18/2009: Went on a five mile hike in Grampian Hills to fulfill advancement requirements for hiking, hurried cases of first aid, and orienteering.