Ryder Park Hike
4/2/2011: Five mile hike in Ryder Park and backpack cooking demonstration.

Chairman of the Year Award
4/3/2011: Committee Chairman, Chad Larson, receives the Chairman of the Year award during the North Woods District dinner.

Matt Mertes Memorial Trail Cleanup
4/30/2011: Cleaning the Matt Mertes Memorial Trail

Summer Camp
7/24/2011 - 7/30/2011: Summer camp at Camp Brule'.

Wood Badge N5-533-11-1 Weekend One 
8/26/2011 - 8/28/2011: Wood Badge course N5-533-11-1.
Chad Larson - Staff, Troop Guide (Bobwhite)
Bob Kimble - Participant (Eagle)
Steven Kennedy Participant (Bear)
Weekend took place during Hurricane Irene.

Pie in the Face
10/5/2011: The boys reach their goal in the popcorn sale and celebrate with a pie in the face.