Cabin Camping at Camp Karoondinha
3/2/2012 - 3/4/2012: Cabin camping in Edna Sheary Lodge. 

Spring Camporee
4/27/2012 - 4/29/2013: Spring Camporee at River Front Park. 

Eagle Award Banquet
5/19/2012: Eagle award banquet for Alex and Robbie.

5k Run For Kids
6/1/2012: Working a water station at the 5k Run for Kids in Williamsport while it rain pours down. 

OA Callout
7/11/2012: OA Callout at Camp Karoondinha.

Summer Camp Awards
8/3/2012: Awards ceremony at Camp Brule. 

Haystacks Hike
9/8/2012 - 9/9/2012: Hike and overnight campout at the Haystacks.