Unit Growth Is A Welcome Sight

Maintaining a successful Boy Scout Troop is a numbers game.  Each year membership numbers flow back and forth as boys age out and new members move in.  Even the most successful units have a string of bad luck from time to time.  It can be particularly hard for a unit like ours.  We try to keep our numbers relatively low for a more intimate, family like unit.  This can put us at particular risk if numbers get too low.

Just two years ago, we were looking at the prospect of the unit reaching a low of only three youth members.  For annual recharter in November, a unit must have a minimum of five youth or face dissolving.  And so began the mind numbing focus on recruitment.

Recruitment is certainly not the focus of scouting and it never should be.  Scouts should be having fun, not worrying about numbers.  That is a worry for the leadership to be burdened by.  Sometimes we have no choice.  It is much easier for a boy to ask a friend to join than an adult to ask a random child.

We have now grown our troop to 17 scouts with most of the thanks going to youth recruitment.  While we cannot forget about recruiting, now we can get back to what scouting is all about: friendship, personal growth, and fun.

Thank you to all of our scouts who have worked hard the last few years.