Help Wanted

While Boy Scout troops are boy run, there are some things the boys just can't do themselves.  That is where the troop committee comes in.  The committee is the support mechanism of the troop.  Basically if the boys want to do it, the committee's job is to see that it is feasible, funded, and help make it happen.

There have been a lot of ideas thrown around by the boys over the years of different activities they would like to do.  The problem has been that their support system was lacking the numbers to make reach their goals.  Much of the time all that is needed is someone to research an activity and make reservations.

Currently the troop is looking for several positions to be filled in the committee.  Those positions include but are not limited to: treasurer, fundraising chair, activities chair, membership chair, and ScoutParent Unit Coordinator.  

Troop committee meetings are the last tuesday of every month and typically only last an hour or two.  If you are interested in a position please contact me.


The troop is now growing and it is harder for us to coordinate trips and transportation.  We are asking that parents help out by attending outings and providing transportation.  Please keep this in mind for future events.