I would like to welcome everyone to the brand new  The site was completely rebuilt from the ground up with our new host,  The idea was to change from a basically static site to a more dynamic and socially driven site.   

With Squarespace's built in tools, many of the processes to update content are now automated.  This will allow me to keep the site up to date far easier than our previous site.  And better yet, with the new host I can make changes anywhere there is an internet connection.  Parents, look for updates during summer camp this year.

Another change comes off the heals of BSA's announcement of a new troop leadership position, Webmaster.  The troop has selected Tylor to be the first official youth webmaster.  He will be helping me keep the site updated and has been given his own login to create blog posts.  This should be very interesting.

I have been working on the site since November and am happy that I can now show off my work, however there are still some minor inconsistencies remaining.  Most of these are images that are temporary placeholders and some content that was copied from our old site long ago and since needs to be updated.  I will be making blog posts about any updates and to show off some of the new features.

Poke around the site and let me know what you think.