Feature Focus: Calendar

In the second entry of a series of posts focusing on new or improved features of our new site, today I will focus on the improved calendar.

Our previous calendar was a combination of borrowed and custom code that I created.  It looked nice on the surface, but in the background it was a nightmare to maintain.  This is essentially the reason why it was updated so infrequently.

Our new site is using a Google Calendar and with the change comes much more functionality.  Most importantly, the new calendar is much easier to update.  Now you can change views from weekly, monthly, or an agenda list and you can now print each of the different views.  The Google Calendar has both all day events and time specific events.  Going forward I will try to update dates and times as they become available.

I think that is enough excitement for a simple calendar.  Check back here in the near future when I discuss another intriguing feature...links.