Wood Badge N5-533-11-1

What a crazy spring and summer this has been.  When I created this blog my intent was to have at least weekly posts.  My schedule this year has...well...made me forget all about it.

Since June I have only been home one, yes one weekend.  Even on that weekend I was supposed to be with the troop on a campout at my father's pond, but decided against it.  I am also just getting caught up from being out of town for three consecutive weeks.

A lot of the craziness will be coming to a culmination in one week.  On August 24th I head out for the first of two weekend sessions of Wood Badge course N5-533-11-1 for which I am on staff.  When I agreed to be on staff I had no idea the amount of work, studying, and gathering of material that I would undergo over the course of 6 months.

I am extremely excited about the course.  I am even happier that we have two members of our troop, Bob Kimble and Steven Kennedy, who are participants.  I wish the the best of luck and hope that they enjoy their experience.  Welcome to our family and see you at Gilwell.