Change in Dues Structure

After a review of expenses, the Troop Committee adopted the following change to the youth dues structure. These changes take effect on January 1, 2015:

1) Dues have been increased from $5.00 per month to $10.00 per month.
2) Dues discount period has been discontinued.
3) Membership renewal payments for youth will be paid from dues account.

We are constantly monitoring expenses with the Troop. To date membership dues have been used exclusively to cover the cost of food purchases for outings and events. The past few years have seen an increase in food prices. Five years ago, the average cost of food for a weekend campout was around $50.00. Today costs have increased to around $200.00 per weekend. This increase was the primary reason for the dues increase.

The second reason for the increase is the decision to make annual membership renewal payments part of the dues. In 2014, membership renewal was $27.00 per person. Under the new policy, we will not be asking parents to pay the $27.00 fee in October. However, adult members will still need to pay the fee since adults do not pay dues.

As before, any scout behind on their dues payments will not be eligible to attend events and outings, but will be able to attend weekly meetings.