Let's Talk About Fundraising

Fundraising is an important part of any organization.  It may seem that we are constantly sending home information about yet another sale to help fill the troop's coffers, but that is not necessarily the case.

The troop only has two fundraisers a year that benefit the troop directly.  Those fundraisers are the spaghetti dinners held in March and October.  Participation in the rest of the sales is completely optional and all profits go directly into the scouts individual camp fund accounts.

My goal when it comes to individual fundraising activities is that every scout should be able to raise enough money to attend summer camp without their parents writing a single check.  In order to accomplish that, we provide scouts with many opportunities to earn money throughout the year.

Fundraising is also an important part of a scout's development.  A scout that does not do everything they can to earn their way to camp is missing out on critical lesson of scouting.  It is even a requirement for Second Class rank, the Personal Management merit badge, and is a major aspect of the Eagle Scout project.

Parents, I ask that you help your child learn financial independence by putting the checkbook away and guide your scout to reach their goals by effective fundraising.