Troop Policy Changes

During the Troop Committee meeting held on April 22, 2014, the Committee agreed on three troop policy changes. The first change has the greatest impact to the program and is important for all families to take note of:

Activity Consent Forms 
Effective with the Knoebels campout on June 27, 2014, activity consent forms must be completed, signed by the participant and a parent or guardian when the participant is a minor, and turned in prior to all activities.  Any participant without a completed form will not be permitted to participate in the activity.  

While we enjoy paperwork as much as you do, this policy change was not made to make your participation in the program tedious.  The change was made after a recent disclosure from Boy Scouts of America that annual consent forms are not valid.

We are still working out the details and I am sure some adjustments will be made.  Our current proposal is:
- All consent forms will be pre-filled with event details and will be made available on our website.  We will also have copies available at scout meetings.
- Forms will be due one week prior to the event.  For example, the form for an event on Friday will be due the Wednesday the prior week. This allows us to use the form as a confirmation of attendance to give accurate numbers for meals, fees, etc.

Board of Reviews
Board of reviews will be scheduled the Wednesday after the Troop Committee meeting and appear on the events calendar  Any scout wishing to schedule a board of review must notify the Advancement Chairman prior to the Committee meeting. If no requests are made, the board of review will be canceled for that month.  It is the scout's responsibility to obtain and complete a Scoutmaster's conference prior to requesting a board of review. It is important for scouts to plan accordingly.  If they are coming up on a hard deadline for advancement, it is their responsibility to schedule and complete a board of review before their deadline. The Committee will not back date any late advancement.

Court of Honors
Court of honors will be held on a quarterly basis during the months of February, May, August, and November.  The actual date will very from month to month and year to year depending on other activities. If their are no advancements or awards to present, the court of honor will be canceled.