PA Act 153 Clearances

You may or may not be familiar with PA Act 153. Even the legislators who voted it into law aren’t exactly sure what the law requires and how it will impact volunteer organization like the Boy Scouts of America. The impact will be felt by everyone including leaders, councilors, and parents. It has been hinted that the law will be modified to make the process easier, however we all need to be prepared to comply with the law in its current form by the upcoming deadline.

I have included a memo from the Susquehanna Council regarding the act. Please read the memo in its entirety, but I have highlighted the key points below.

  • All volunteers who have direct contact with youth under 18 years of age need to provide three clearances to the troop. At this time this includes parents who volunteer to transport scouts to an outing and participate or are present during meetings and events. We are recommending all parents to obtain the clearances.
  • Clearances are required starting July 1, 2015 for our troop because we are sponsored by a United Methodist Church.
  •  For volunteers who have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 or more years, you can complete an affidavit (included) that needs to be notarized in lieu of the FBI fingerprint based federal history check.
  • Beginning July 1, 2015 all adult applications for membership must include the three clearances.

Once clearances have been obtained, please submit them either to myself or to Chuck.

On July 1, 2015, adults without the three clearances on file are not permitted to attend meetings, outings, or transport children under the age of 18, other than their own.